Posted by: benepuella | April 10, 2012

April 6-9

From last Thursday until Sunday, we were super busy with Easter activities at school, in the community, church, and with our family. I was so glad to have a pretty calm day on Monday. I’m not going to write-up every single thing I ate over these three days. I’m just going to do a quick run down.

The oatmeal I cooked earlier in the week made quite a bit so I had that for a couple more mornings. I ate plenty of salmon between my house and eating at lunch at my in-laws. Friday night I made these delicious fish tacos. It was the second time I’ve made that recipe and it is so good. I could eat it weekly if not more often than that. I didn’t read the package on the hard corn tortillas I used and right after I ate I thought about it and went back and looked at the package. They had TBHQ, a preservative, in them. I had wanted to use them up since we had opened the package the previous week.  Lesson learned (or so I thought).

I found a recipe for a vanilla cake that I wanted to try so I whipped it up on Friday night and topped it with a chocolate gnache. It was yummy…a little too good actually since I wound up eating half the cake. To give myself the benefit of the doubt though, it was a thin, one layer cake.

Saturday, I made some barbecue sauce for some chicken I cooked and shredded to go on my homemade whole wheat buns. This is where my mistake #2 happened. I was trying to figure out what my sauce was missing so I was looking at several different recipes online and adding a little of this and a little of that, tasting as I went. I pulled out the Worcestershire sauce and had poured just a little bit into the pot, and then I decided to check the label…high fructose corn syrup. Shoot, two days in a row. I never expected perfection but I was a little disappointed that I didn’t think to check the label first. I do much better just making my own food from scratch with real, whole foods. Otherwise, I forget to read the labels because I don’t expect a certain product to contain junk.

On Easter Sunday, I made whole wheat pancakes with fresh whole wheat flour that I ground on Saturday. We had lunch with my husband’s family (they already eat whole, clean foods so no worries there). Dinner was leftovers.

All in all, it’s going well and I have even resisted the very tempting Easter candy that is lying around our house thanks to several Easter egg hunts my children participated in.

Monday was a day full of leftovers or food from the freezer paired with fresh fruits and veggies.


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